Services Offered

Priority Plus Medical provides our clients with top quality medical personnel, emergency response vehicles and medical equipment to ensure the well being of all personnel on their sites at a comparable cost to current industry standards.

Remote Emergency Response Unit

Due to current high safety standards and procedures in the industry our emergency response vehicles are outfitted with one member per unit as an active vehicle. Rather than having two emergency service workers as you see on an ambulance (which would be overkill on most low-acuity worksites) we prepare and supply our employee with all required information, gear and equipment necessary to prepare for and respond to an emergency on or nearby your location.

Superior Equipment

We have purchased our equipment with patient care in mind. Our units are equipped in a similar fashion to what you would see on provincial and private ambulances in larger centers.

Latest Assessment & Treatment Techniques

Not only do we hire at a very strict level for our employees but we will ensure they stay up-to-date with all the latest assessment and treatment techniques. Not only at a provincial level but also many times international standards and practices are implemented.